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About Speed Comparer

Speed Comparer is an automotive media outlet, concentrating on our Blog, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
We post content that many people find funny. The main content creator is Vincent, who is devilishly good looking and also writing this right now, more about me below though.
Speed Comparer was conceived in my bedroom in 2016 in South Africa, with videos that had nothing to do with cars, as I didn’t have any access to cars at the time.
The content focussed much more on comedy sketches.  After my move to Switzerland cars and luxury cars were much more readily accessible, which allowed me to review them on YouTube, which lead to me creating Instagram, which lead to me creating a blog and selling merchandise.

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About Vincent

Vincent grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and has lived in many countries such as, Switzerland, Germany, France and Saudi Arabia, making him familiar with different countries and cultures.
He started his YouTube career whilst living in Cape Town. He travels between the United States and Switzerland and films cars in both places.
He loves communicating with his fans and is keen to answer any questions asked via any one of his channels, including email.