The Angry German Waze Voice Pack

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The Angry German guides you on the Waze App to make sure you reach your destination on time and efficiently.



This voice pack includes all directions you would usually get by Waze, however these are read out by the Angry German. Go on a trip guided by

the strong, confidence inspiring german voice of knowledge and wisdom.

This aftermarket voice pack, includes all turn by turn guidance instructions you get usually from Waze.

Once purchased, the purchase note will be displayed onscreen.

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3 reviews for The Angry German Waze Voice Pack

  1. Kiefer


  2. Common Hultman

    This product has been granted the Hultman stamp of approval

  3. Alex

    THIS IS THE BEST THING I`VE EVER BOUGHT IN MY LIFE!!! This Voice Pack added around 45hp to my car.
    But thanks to the Voice Pack I`m a much better/safer driver, bec. the angry german reminds me to allways use my blinkers. All in all i m a better human right now. Thank u Angry German 🙂

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